Concerts with Dinner in Europe

An evening to indulge all the senses

Indulge in an evening of local cuisine and uplifting music in a historic location. Concert and dinner packages are a great way to plan a night to remember.

  • Prague Dinner Concerts

    An evening to remember

    Prague Dinner Concerts

    Choose from jazz, classical music, or opera highlights, and order your Prague dinner concert tickets securely online.

  • Salzburg Concerts with Dinner

    Festive combinations in a musical city

    Salzburg Concerts with Dinner

    Plan a full evening of pleasures with a dinner and concert combination in the beautiful city of Salzburg.

  • Venice Dinner Concerts

    Local cuisine and live music

    Venice Dinner Concerts

    Enjoy a wonderful evening in Venice with a Venetian dinner and concert package.

  • Vienna Dinner Concerts

    The delights of Austrian culture

    Vienna Dinner Concerts

    Immerse yourself in the culture and cuisine of Vienna. Order Vienna dinner concert tickets securely with Classictic.

  • Budapest Dinner Cruise

    Information, schedule and tickets

    Budapest Dinner Cruise

    Treat yourself to a romantic concert cruise on the Danube River, and experience the remarkable skyline of Budapest.

  • Berlin Dinner Concerts

    Food and music in a historic location

    Berlin Dinner Concerts

    Plan a complete evening in Berlin with great food and inspiring music. Enjoy a dinner with concert in the German capital city.

  • Concerts with Dinner in Rome

    The perfect combination for a festive evening

    Concerts with Dinner in Rome

    Italy's cuisine is as legendary as its musical heritage. Enjoy classical music and delicious Italian food in an appealing concert and dinner combination.

  • Florence Concerts with Dinner

    A complete evening in the Tuscan capital

    Florence Concerts with Dinner

    Choose a dinner and concert package in Florence to ensure a festive evening. Order conveniently online at Classictic and look forward to a treat for all the senses.

  • Barcelona Concerts with Dinner

    All the ingredients for a perfect evening

    Barcelona Concerts with Dinner

    Immerse yourself in local flavor, with a concert and dinner package in Barcelona. Order tickets easily online with Classictic.

  • Paris Concerts with Dinner

    A perfect combination

    Paris Concerts with Dinner

    Uplifting music, stunning architecture, delicious food: Choose a concert and dinner event in the French capital and enjoy a carefree evening of pleasures.