Church Concerts in Europe

Information, Program and Tickets

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris, © Photo: Marc Bertrand/Paris Tourist Office

Church Concerts in Europe

Many of the most beautiful churches of Europe host classical concerts. Experience the awe-inspiring combination of classical music and sacred architecture.


  • Inspiring performances in Barcelona

    Barcelona Church Concerts

    Take a break from the bustling street scenes, and indulge in a concert of classical music in one of Barcelona's historic churches.

  • Peaceful spaces in a dynamic city

    Berlin Church Concerts

    The historic churches of Berlin offer an opportunity to reflect while listening to classical music.

  • Information, schedule and tickets

    Budapest Church Concerts

    Concerts in magnificent churches in Budapest invite you to gaze at the ornate interior while listening to the exceptional acoustics. Order tickets securely and conveniently with Classictic.

  • Music in architectural masterpieces

    Church Concerts Vienna

    The architectural appeal of Vienna's historic churches is famous, and a concert is a perfect way to appreciate the unique atmosphere.

  • Famous spaces and hidden treasures

    Florence Church Concerts

    Revel in the beauty of Florence with a classical concert in one of the city's historic churches.

  • Schedule, Information and Tickets

    Paris Church Concerts

    Choose from Paris church concerts in one of many lovely historic churches, or witness sacred music in the grand Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

  • Information, Schedule and Tickets

    Rome Church Concerts

    Lift your spirits with a classical concert in one of the historic churches of Rome. Choose a church concert in Rome, and purchase secure e-Tickets with Classictic.

  • Information, schedule and tickets

    Venice Church Concerts

    Classical music can be heard in many beautiful churches in Venice. Choose a concert in one of these remarkable religious buildings.

  • Beautiful architecture, alive with music

    Churches of Prague in Concert

    Enrich your trip to this historic city with a visit to one of its beautiful churches or cathedrals and enjoy a classical concert.

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