• Stiftskeller St. Peter, Salzburg, Austria

Stiftskulinarium St. Peter

Salzburg, Austria

In the historic center of Salzburg, amidst the Cathedral and the Festival Halls, is the Stiftskulinarium St. Peter, the oldest restaurant in Central Europe, first mentioned in 803 on the occasion of Charlemagne's visit.

Here, in the church of the St. Peter monastery, Mozart's c‐minor‐mass (KV 427) was presented for the first time in 1783, with is wife Constanze singing the soprano solo.


Stiftskulinarium St. Peter, St. Peter Bezirk I/IV, A‐5010 Salzburg, Austria, Google Maps

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  • Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg

    Mozart Dinner Concert in Salzburg

    Salzburg, Stiftskulinarium St. Peter

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    2 h 30 min
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