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Mozart's Impresario at Schlosstheater Ballenstedt

About the Event

Mozart's famous comedy with music will be performed in a new version at Schlosstheater Ballenstedt.

Mozart's 'The Impresario' is originally a one‐act comedy with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart KV 486, which premiered in 1786 at a pleasure fest of the Emperor in the Orangery of Schönbrunn Palace. The plot is quite simple: an impresario assembles a new troupe, dealing with the sensitivities of the singers as well as financial issues. The music includes an overture, 2 arias, 1 trio, and the finale. None of Mozart's works has undergone as many adaptations as 'The Impresario' to make it suitable for the opera stage, with the most famous adaptation coming from Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Roland Treiber's new version is a humorous parody with contemporary references, while maintaining the historical context. Musically, it relies on the contemporary arrangements of the well‐known Mozart operas (there's such an arrangement for 'The Impresario' too). The technique of 'pasticcio', i.e., the amalgamation of different elements into a new work, was also widespread during this time. The performance offers a unique encounter with Mozart's masterpiece. These adaptations were successfully staged in 2013 at the Bode Museum in Berlin and in the Residenz in Munich, with a special version in 2016 as an Opera Circus in Berlin. In 2023, there is a current revised version for the Schlosstheater Potsdam Sanssouci, a delightful opera treat.

Cast / Production

Direction: Roland Treiber
Musical Direction: Anastasia Tsvetkova

Mozartensemble Berlin
with Yuri Mizobuchi, Ines Pinto, Stephen Barchi, Pedro Matos and more

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