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Mozart, Coronation Mass at Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg, Dom Salzburg — Main Hall

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About the Event

Experience classical music like never before in this astonishing performance of Mozart's masterworks at Salzburg's remarkable Dom Salzburg.

Listen to Mozart's Coronation Mass and parts of his Vesperae solennes de Confessore in Salzburg Cathedral, both of which were premiered here.

The Coronation Mass towers above all other Salzburg masses in its musical expressiveness. The composition of the work is connected with Mozart's new post as court organist from 1799 with the composition he probably wanted to prove his qualification for the new post. The Mass was given the nickname 'Coronation Mass' because of various coronation celebrations after Mozart's death at which it was performed. The concert will be rounded off with parts of the Vesperae solennes de Confessore by the almost 24‐year‐old Mozart.

Mozart and Salzburg are also inseparably linked in other ways. Mozart was born and grew up here, his birthplace and home invite you to visit, and you can find traces of him at every turn. Even today, the baptismal font in which Mozart was baptised is still in use in Salzburg Cathedral.

Together with cathedral conductor János Czifra, the cathedral orchestra and renowned soloists, the works will be presented this year as part of the Sing Mit! choir festival. Under the direction of János Czifra, the masterpieces will be worked on intensively in several workshops by choir singers from all over the world.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Perhaps the most important composer of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer of the late 18th century. Born in 1756 in Salzburg, he showed prodigious musical talent from childhood. Beginning at five years of age, he composed more than 600 works, including concertos, symphonies, religious works and operas before his premature death at the age of 35. Hi influence over successive generations cannot be overestated — Ludwig van Beethoven wrote of Mozart 'posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”. Despite the immense success of his compositions, and the acclaim he received across Europe, Mozart achieved little financial security and rwas buried in an unmarked grave in Vienna's St Marx Cemetery.


  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Krönungsmesse KV 317
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Vesperae solennes de Confessore (KV 339, Auszüge)
Program is subject to change


Choir: Sing Mit! Festivalchor
Narrator: Orchester der Salzburger Dommusik
Conductor: Czifra, János


Dom Salzburg, Domplatz 1a, Salzburg, Austria — Google Maps

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