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    © Mina Esfandiari

Harmony — Choral music from Germany and France at Festspielhaus Baden‐Baden

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Baden‐Baden's breathtaking Festspielhaus for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of music.

You don't hear the high 'e' in the choir every day either! Harmony' is the keyword here. The harmony, the perfect intonation are central in choral singing, but here 'harmony' goes beyond that. The German‐French harmony is the theme — also its temporary absence. Poulenc's famous choral work 'Figure humaine' was composed in Occupation France. The music has a goal toward which it is heading: the mighty 'Liberté,' 'Freiheit,' on the final chord, in quadruple fortissimo, which demands the aforementioned three‐stroked 'E' from the soprano. To this, in counter‐cut, Brahms' 'Fest‐ und Gedenksprüche,' celebrating the founding of Germany in 1871. Along the way, the program confronts Protestant and Catholic singing traditions. Incidentally, on the day Paris was liberated, Poulenc hung his 'Figure' score out the window. To shout out to the world: Here, for once, art has triumphed over barbarism.

With surtitles in German and English language

Practical Information

The categories on the seating plan are divided as follows:
Category 1 = yellow
Category 2 = pink
Category 3 = red
Category 4 = blue
Category 5 = green
Category 6 = blackberry
Category 7 = dark brown
Category 8 = light brown

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