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Gewandhausorchester, Ruth Reinhardt: Grieg, Mozart, Reinecke at Gewandhaus

About the Event

In Leipzig's beloved Gewandhaus, hear the Gewandhaus Orchestra and pianist Mao Fujita under the baton of Ruth Reinhardt for a captivating performance of works by Grieg, Mozart and Reinecke.

The Leipzig Conservatory attracted students from all over the world, especially from Scandinavia. Generations passed through the cadre of director Carl Reinecke. He also gave the Norwegian Edvard Grieg an excellent graduation certificate and subsequently persistently included works by his student in Gewandhaus programs. Grieg benefited enormously from Leipzig's musical life even during his studies at the 'vermaledeiten Conservatorium,' hardly missing a Gewandhaus concert, visiting the opera, making contacts in salons, and finding lifelong support and hospitality at the Peters publishing house. In the attic of the company's headquarters in Talstraße, Grieg tinkered with the 1st Peer Gynt Suite, which was premiered a short time later in the Gewandhaus — under the direction of his teacher Carl Reinecke.

Practical Information

Due to its history, the Gewandhaus Orchestra stands for civic engagement in a special way. With a view to the challenges of the present and the community‐building, inspiring and transformative potential of music, it has launched a democracy initiative in 2022. On pressing issues of justice, resources, media, institutions, education, identity, resilience and faith, public and cultural figures engage in dialogue with each other, with the audience and with musical performances.

'Resonance' is the motto above the musically inspired, culturally initiated discussion of basic values, understanding of democracy and social togetherness. We invite you to join in the discussion at round tables and to experimentally explore and musically experience political, sociological, acoustic and interpersonal facets of resonance in workshops and performances. Inspired by musical artworks, we open spaces for voices of the present and for ideas that strengthen the common good — in exchange between all those who want to help shape society.

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