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Gala Concert in Liechtenstein Palace — below the Prague Castle

About the Event

Enjoy a delightful classical concert featuring works by Vivaldi, Bizet, Ravel and many more in Liechtenstein Palace, one of Prague’s most famous cultural monuments.

The Liechtenstein Palace was built as the first large Baroque building in Prague in the 16th century and has very rich music traditions. This beautiful venue with amazing acoustics combined with professional performers creates a magic atmosphere and unforgettable music show.

Practical Information

The Liechtenstein Palace is situated in the centre of Prague, just below the Prague Castle, opposite St Nicholas Church in Lesser town

Customer Reviews

4.5 of 5

  • Takuya T, 日本

    Oct 2023


  • Alain R, France

    Oct 2019

    Nous avons apprécié la qualité des musiciens et des morceaux choisis. Dommage que la salle ressemble plus à une salle de réunion qu’un auditorium.

  • Beat K, Schweiz

    Oct 2019

    Sehr gefühlvoll gespielt vom kleinen Ensemble. Gutes Programm, sehr musikalisch gespielt.

  • James H, Canada

    Oct 2019

    Excellently played light classics. A beautiful and acoustically wonderful hall is a great venue.

  • MIYUKI N, 日本

    Sep 2019


  • LIXIN D, China

    Sep 2019

    very good experience in Prague, moonlight was so beautiful, highly recommended!

  • Wayne M, New Zealand

    Sep 2019

    Excellent performance, very glad we attended. Great selection of classics, beautifully performed. Lovely classical venue with superb acoustics.

  • James F, France

    Sep 2019

    Un instant d'émotion où on oublie l'aspect marchants de la ville de Prague (où tout est très chère). Merci à l'ensemble musical qui joue à la perfection.

  • JIN YOUNG N, South Korea

    Aug 2019

    콘서트 잘 감상했습니다. 현악기 5중주 듣는데 독특하게 재미있어서 다른분께도 추천 드리고 싶습니다.

  • Laura L, Argentina

    Aug 2019

    Fue sencillamente perfecto. El ambiente, los músicos y las piezas elegidas inmejorables. Logran no solo la atención completa del público, sino que también lo llevan a emocionarse hasta las lágrimas en una sola presentación. Los artistas son espectaculares, simpáticos incluso, llenos de una pasión vibrante que contagia en cada punto del salón. Un concierto que jamás olvidaré y por ello, yo y mis padres estamos completamente agradecidos.

  • Manuel Antonio A, España

    Jul 2019


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