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Ekaterina Záytseva: Masters of the Spanish Guitar

About the Event

The finest works in the Spanish repertoire will resonate in some of Barcelona's most important architectural and historic landmarks during this season of 'Masters of the Spanish Guitar'.

Born in Geneva, Ekaterina Záytseva is one of the most talented guitarists of her generation. Her masterful guitar interpretations receive unanimous praise from audiences and critics, making her one of the few women to achieve the status of 'master' of the Spanish guitar.

Záytseva's exceptional concerts combine artistry and virtuosity with her great ability to communicate with the audience. She has participated in major international festivals and has won numerous guitar competitions, including the International Competition in Belgorod, Country District of Jaén, where she was awarded as Best Performer of Andalusian Music, as well as in the 'Ciutat Torrent' competition in Valencia.

Enjoy the magic of Spanish guitar music at its best in Barcelona.

Customer Reviews

4.5 of 5

  • Minoru F, 日本

    Mar 2019

    教会の聖堂の中で ギターの響きは最高 。 スパニッシュギターの哀調を帯びた 調べが 印象に残りました。

  • Dalia H, USA

    Feb 2019

    Amazing very intimate because of the small venue and the acoustics were splendid. Enjoyed the esperience thoroughly!

  • Ron H, United Kingdom

    Jan 2019

    Amazing performer and performance — thank you!!!

  • Pablo R., Spain

    Jun 2012

    Fantástico!! Nunca habíamos visto tocar la guitarra con tanto virtuosismo…ya lo hemos recomendado!! Felicidades

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