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Nemzeti Színház

Budapest, Hungary

On March 15, 2002, the edifice that had been longed for for decades threw open its gates. For our free, democratic, European nation, what did it mean, this National Theatre? Nothing but that: theatre. Its mission: to instill openness, tolerance, and curiosity in spectators – with special attention to younger generations that somehow received no time ever since the system change. For their sake, we must create a new, empathetic cultural medium. According to Róbert Alföldi, “In today's world, relationships are about approach – that is, I am curious about the thoughts of another, who is similarly curious about the way I think, and together we will go further.”
  At the National, besides honoring the treasures of traditional Hungarian theatre, we must remain continually present, in the mindset world theatre. That way, we can pose answers more easily and effectively to the question, “How can a theatre discuss today's reality?” The National Theatre has an opportunity to join in contemporary European culture and speak in a truly modern theatre language about our times. We should inspire our peers, both mentally and spiritually, by providing an example of a cultural institution that that embraces a variety of open‐minded and integrating outlooks, showing how we could live and should live, paying attention to one another in this disjointed, though free “brave new world.”


Nemzeti Színház, Bajor Gizi park 1., Magyarország, 1095 Budapest, Hungary, Google Maps

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