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Budapest, Hungary

The eclectic building of the Budapest Puppet Theatre (sitting map) was built between 1875 and 1877, and is one of Budapest’s listed buildings. At the turn of the century, the Puppet Theatre made a home for a literary cabaret, then it became the studio theatre of the National Theatre. The first theatrical performance of the post‐Second World War Hungary was held here in 1945. Then the self‐same building made a home for the Old Art Gallery (the first Budapest exhibition hall of fine arts) later, which is, since 1948, connected with the neighbouring Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

The first, and for long only, Hungarian puppet theatre, the State Puppet Theatre, was formed in this building in 1949. Since 1992, as its legal successor, the Budapest Puppet Theatre goes on with the versatile artistic work. The theatre, since it can seat 380 persons and has an excellent stage‐craft, provides an opportunity for theatrical performances. That is the reason why the Rajkó Folk Ensemble and Gypsy Orchestra perform here on a regular basis.


Bábszínház, Andássy Street 69., 1065 Budapest, Hungary, Google Maps

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