Berliner Residenz Konzerte: W.A. Mozart und J. C. Bach, Orangerie Berlin

In the spring months, the Berlin Residence Orchestra traditionally presents varied Mozart programmes.

This season, you can look forward to a concert experience revolving around the musical friendship between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Christian Bach. At the age of eight, the child prodigy W.A. Mozart met Johann Christian Bach and his impressive compositions in London. At his father's request, Mozart began to study the precise and at the same time extremely gallant style of Bach's youngest son — he was thus greatly inspired by the 'London Bach' in his own compositions and cherished a true respect for him.
While J.C. Bach is considered the 'inventor' of Viennese Classicism, W.A. Mozart developed it further and made it immortal up to our time.
In the Orangery Garden with its spring‐like atmosphere, the Berlin Residence Orchestra will play Mozart's Symphony No. 1 in E‐flat major and J.C. Bach's London Sinfoniette No. 2. Let yourself be enchanted and immerse yourself in the world of classical music with all your senses.

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