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Accademia d'Opera Italiana: I Solisti dell'Opera– Vivaldi e l’Opera

About the Event

A concert that will accompany you through a journey into music from the Baroque to the masterpieces of music and bel canto of the most important opera from Vivaldi, Haendel to Puccini, Verdi, Bizet, Mascagni.

Two great performers, Tenore Marco Bianchi and Soprano Simona Canuti accompanied by the Soloists of the Italian Opera Philharmonic will introduce you to the most magical and intense moments of the Opera. This is an event that will awaken your love for classical music.

The orchestra and soloists perform in noble 18th century costumes.

Practical Information

For reduced categories, it is mandatory to show a valid ID document at the box office.

Customer Reviews

4.4 of 5

  • Jed D, USA

    Nov 2019

    Excellent concert.

  • Elena L, Россия

    Oct 2019

    Получили огромное удовольствие от концерта. Это удивительно — слушать в Риме лучшие арии из опер итальянских композиторов. Прекрасное исполнение итальянских певцов — классическая школа, прекрасная акустика в храме, отличная организация мероприятия. Спасибо classictic за удивительный вечер.

  • Karolina M, Deutschland

    Feb 2019

    Es hat mir sehr gefallen. Das war einen schönen Abend mit schönsten Italienischen Opern. Vergesse nicht sich warm anzuziehen!

  • Olga M, Россия

    Feb 2019

    That was really amazing ???????????? I'd advice to listen to it once at list! Tenor was perfect!! Thank you for that evening!! I was impressed ???

  • Yildiz M, Perú

    Nov 2018

    Excelente!!! Felicitaciones una presentación de primer nivel!!!

  • Maja O, USA

    Nov 2018

    This was a true treat! The selection of arias was great and both singers were outstanding.

  • Dr. Uwe K.,

    Nov 2012

    Gute Stimmen, Orchester für den Kirchenraum eher zu klein. Leider wenig Publikum.

  • ALİ MERT T.,

    Oct 2012

    I realy find what I expected. So I'am so pleased

  • Aimee H.,

    Oct 2012

    Lovely evening. Nice, small venue with professional performers.

  • TAKUMI N.,

    Oct 2012


  • Ana E.,

    Sep 2012

    Muy agradable espectáculo

  • Luc V.,

    Sep 2012

    it was a very nice experience — orchestra didn't always play quite exactly the tune but at the same time, most of the airs are written for philarmonic orchestra — of course not easy to be plaid by a few musicians only — besides this, it was a wonderful concert

  • GABRIEL G., Brazil

    Jun 2012

    Marvelous! Could not have been better… I was really emotional with some high notes — These are "AAA" grade stars — Powerful and beautiful voices — I will recommend to everyone I know. Best experience in rome yet. (My grandfather´s brother — Giovanni Gibin was a Tenor i Italy in the 50‐60´s but until know I had never been to a concert, just playbacks but I say this: LOVED IT! Congratulations to everyone, you are truly GREAT!

  • philippe b., France

    Jun 2012

    extra !

  • Mariella T., Malta

    May 2012

    A wonderful evening well spent

  • Lars T., Sweden

    May 2012

    Very impressive and well organized

  • Günter K., Germany

    Apr 2012

    Die Veransatltung hat uns gut gefallen. Die Künstler hätten ein volleres Haus verdienst gehabt. Erstaunt waren wir über Tenore Marco Bianchi, der trotz seines Alters absolut zu überzeugen wußte. Auch die Mezzosopranistin Caterina Novak und das Musikensemble haben sehr gut gefallen.

  • Eleanor R., United Kingdom

    Apr 2012

    The concert was fantastic — excellent singers and musicians, relaxed atmosphere.

  • Dieter W., Germany

    Apr 2012

    sehr gut, Akustik ist in dieser Kirche hervorragent

  • Keisuke T., Japan

    Jan 2012


  • Laura T., United Kingdom

    Jan 2012


  • Andrew D., United Kingdom

    Dec 2011

    One violinist was out of tune for much of the concert. I am no expert but I know what sounds right! However I really enjoyed the singing

  • Silvia S., Italy

    Nov 2011

    Considerando che è stata la mia "prima" volta ad un concerto di classica, sono molto soddisfatta. Un buon inizio direi!

  • frances h., United Kingdom

    Nov 2011

    I enjoyed the concert very much indeed. The singers were all excellent, as were the orchestral musicians, and the programme featured many favourites. A most pleasant evening for an opera buff!

  • MAGDALENE H., United Kingdom

    Nov 2011

    Astounding! Just the right size audience within the space (50 — 100), and the ad was right, great acoustic. It is good to see there was some level of engaging with the audience.

  • Fernando P., Argentina

    Nov 2011

    Excelente propuesta, especialmente para los que no somos expertos en este tipo de eventos musicales.

  • René H., Switzerland

    Oct 2011

    Super Solisten, erstklassige Vorführung

  • Anita B., Germany

    Oct 2011

    Great location and ensemble. Wouldn't have missed it!

  • Juergen L., Germany

    Oct 2011

    Ausgezeichnet! Ganz im Gegensatz zum Konzert am 02.10.11 (Teatro di Marcello: Roman Nights). Letzteres war eine absolute Zumutung, nicht zuletzt für den Interpreten. In dieser äußerst lauten Umgebung (Sirenengeheul, Alarmanlagen etc.) kann man einfach nicht solche Werke spielen. Eine glatte Fehlleistung der Veranstalter. Den Interpreten konnte man nur bedauern ob der widrigen Umstände unter denen er spielen musste.

  • Lois K., United Kingdom

    Oct 2011


  • Anna S., Poland

    Sep 2011

    It was wonderful. The voises of Solisti dell'Opera ware very nice.

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