About the Event

In this highly‐anticipated concert, hear the mellifluous sounds of classical music by Dvořák, Almashi, Stankowitsch, Kyva and Ljatoschynskyj at Berlin's treasured and world‐renowned Konzerthaus.

Already in the autumn of 2021, when the festival began to be planned, the Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra was included in the planning of the programme. After the outbreak of the war, the festival and orchestra management decided to dedicate a concert evening to the Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra. This is what Ukrainian musicians want.

The programme is a perfect combination of rarities and repertoire: Zoltan Almashi opens with 'City of Mary', followed by van Beethoven's overture to Schiller's 'Egmont' — a signal against oppression and foreign domination. The focus of the evening is on two Ukrainian compositions: a symphonic poem by Boris Lyatoshinsky, the late Romantic who is considered the father of independent Ukrainian orchestral music, and Oleh Kyva's 1982 chamber cantata for voice and orchestra, celebrating the eternal beauty of the world. An open and optimistic finale is Dvořák's melodic Ninth Symphony From the New World, which, contrary to its title, is primarily about the composer's homesickness for his homeland in Bohemia. As with its 2018 debut, the Youth Orchestra will be conducted by Oksana Lyniva, who last year made her debut as the first woman at the Bayreuth Festival.

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