Wall Sky Lounge at Friedrichstadt‐Palast Berlin: VIVID Grand Show

Berlin, Friedrichstadt‐Palast — Main Hall

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Experience the breathtaking show VIVID in the world‐famous Friedrichstadt‐Palast from the unique perspective of the luxurious Wall Sky Lounge: Float high above the stage and fly through fantastic spheres with VIVID — a declaration of love to life.

The exclusive Wall Sky Lounge offers you a bird's eye view of a superlative show. The world's first Sky Lounge, named after the cultural sponsorship partner Wall GmbH, provides the ideal setting for an unforgettable evening of the extra class with an especially attentive five‐star service.

The price of the ticket also includes a glass of champagne, free beverages, snacks and a programme. Food and selected drinks are available at extra charge. This once in a lifetime experience in a separate area with its own bar, smoking room and bathroom is reserved for a small group of six people. Additional lounge seats are available on request for accompanying persons in the rear area. The high‐quality leather armchairs, also called Air Chairs, guarantee maximum legroom

About the Show

Embark on a fantastic journey with the android R'eye. The world of R'eye is dominated by external control, until suddenly a flicker of intuition changes everything and awakens inspiration. R'eye discovers the childlike wonder in herself, perceives the world in a new light and notices lots of beautiful things often overlooked by us. By experiencing the beauty around her, R'eye can unfold her true identity, while her perception dissolves in the colours of life. Join R'eye on her journey and bring the big questions: Who can I be and what is my true identity?

VIVID features more than 100 outstanding artists on the world's biggest theatre stage. Philip Treacy, who is claimed to be ‘’the world’s most famous milliner’’ by THE TIMES, has created a breathtaking design. Directed by Krista Monson, who has already produced shows for Cirque du Soleil, and Oliver Hoppmann as co‐director, the touching story comes to life. Michael Cotton, who has set stages for world stars such as Michael Jackson and Phil Collins, is responsible for the stage.

Admire stunming, never seen costumes and sets. As a kaleidoscope of artistic perfection and outstanding physical performance, the show might bring you to tears. After all, your palace is Berlin's No. 1 theatre for unforgettable entertainment.

Additional Information

The show is also suitable for guests without any knowledge of German. Since coherence in a revue show is achieved primarily through visual imagery rather than narrative storytelling, the audience can always follow the plot.

For safety reasons children under the age of six are not permitted in the Sky Lounge.

The Wall Sky Lounge can be accessed by elevator or stairs from the foyer to the third floor.
Meals and selected beverages are available at extra charge.

Optional: Access via a side entrance and reserved outdoor parking spaces are ideal for visitors with special requirements for discretion and security.


Friedrichstadt‐Palast, Friedrichstraße 107, Berlin, Germany — Google Maps

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