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VU Kamerkoor: Couleur Vocale — To Be Continued

About the Event

The bass has always been considered the foundation of music, especially in the Baroque era. During this time, it evolved into an essential accompaniment played by one or more string instruments, an organ or harpsichord, and sometimes a lute and wind instrument. This musical element, known as 'basso continuo,' involved written bass lines with the freedom for improvisation within the artistic rules. The continuo played a significant role in the development of music as it emphasized the importance of text and personal expression. In our performance titled 'To Be Continued,' the VUKK highlights some of the remarkable pieces from Baroque choral literature while also questioning the later function and influence of the basso continuo.

The influence of the Italian origins of the basso continuo, with composers like Viadana, Cavalieri, and Monteverdi, inspired northern composers such as Schütz, Schein, and Sweelinck. Featuring prominently in our program is J.S. Bach's motet, Jesu Meine Freude. Furthermore, we examine the evolution of the basso continuo beyond the Baroque period. First, we explore its role in the Classical period through the works of Michael Haydn (brother of Joseph Haydn). We then delve into the influence of the Baroque text transition on the compositions of Hugo Distler. Finally, to conclude our performance, we present a brand new composition by Daan Manneke, specially written for the VU Chamber Choir.

The VU Chamber Choir, now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, consists of over 30 dedicated choristers who bring together both youthful enthusiasm and seasoned experience. This diversity is also reflected in our program selection, which encompasses a range of ancient and contemporary music, accompanied as well as a cappella. For more information about the VU Chamber Choir, please visit our website.

Practical Information

The Bösendorfer Series is a series of intimate piano recitals in which nine top pianists shine behind our Bösendorfer Imperial Grand grand piano. The Bösendorfer Series is made possible in part by Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam.

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