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Voce del Silenzio: Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Bologna, Comunale Nouveau

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About the Event

In today's theatre schedules, the number of new titles is relatively small. However, opera continues to thrive not only through interpretations and revivals of the past, but also through the creation of world premieres by contemporary composers and librettists. Alessandro Solbiati, who previously composed "Il suono giallo" (The Yellow Sound) for Bologna in 2015, serves as an example. Inspired by Kandinsky and acclaimed with the music critic's Abbiati prize, Solbiati's work showcases the ongoing evolution of opera.

In contrast, "La voce del silenzio" (The Voice of Silence) embarks on a different journey, drawing inspiration from a biblical episode while incorporating elements from more recent literature. This opera explores the infinite search for truth and serves as a parable on the downfall of ideologies and dogmas. Divinity, understood not solely as religious faith, is depicted differently than in traditional epiphany scenes. Instead, it is found in the silence, a powerful inner strength that allows individuals to confront the world's challenges.

The influences behind "La voce del silenzio" are vast, encompassing the Bible, Kafka, Dostoyevsky, and Rilke. These literary suggestions provoke deep reflection, echoing the profound impact that all works of art have on the audience.

Cast / Production

Conductor: Marco Angius
Direction, staging, costumes and lights: Stefano Poda

New production of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna
Commission of the TCBO
Orchestra, Choir and Technicians of the TCBO

Choirmaster: Gea Garatti Ansini


Comunale Nouveau, Piazza della Costituzione 4, Bologna, Italy — Google Maps

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