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Delight in the vivid musical imagery of Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' in a festive concert at La Sainte Chapelle, one of the most stunning sacred spaces in Paris.

'The Four Seasons' is Vivaldi's most popular composition, a series of four violin concertos that depict the changing seasons, with instrumental sounds of thunder, ice, bird songs, and renewal.

Customer Reviews

4.6 of 5

  • Helen B, United Kingdom

    Jul 2019

    A wonderful evening, amazing setting and truely talented musicians. I would recommend everyone to attend !

  • Paul K.,

    Nov 2012

    Really lively and entertaining performance in a beautiful venue (it was a bit cold for everyone, but that wasn't a problem)

  • Jan S.,

    Nov 2012

    The most memorable experience‐ fabulous!

  • Teresa C.,

    Oct 2012

    The musicians were fantastic and the setting was beautiful.

  • KANAE T.,

    Oct 2012


  • Susan W.,

    Oct 2012

    It was a very intimate setting with superbly performed Vivaldi !


    Oct 2012

    Would have been 5 star if we could have been at a daytime performance to get the impact of the windows

  • Robin P.,

    Oct 2012

    Superb experience. Wonderful surroundings

  • Anne L.,

    Oct 2012

    It was wonderful. The musicians engaged with the audience and I thoroughly enjoyed it

  • evamarie j., United States

    Oct 2012

    lovely music and of course saint chappelle is unbeatable.

  • Wanyun X.,

    Oct 2012


  • Leslie W., United Kingdom

    Oct 2012

    Beautiful setting, excellent performance

  • Samia M.,

    Oct 2012

    Le concert était magique, intense. Que d'émotions musicales!

  • alain C.,

    Sep 2012

    Extraordinaire . David Braccini excellent dans un super cadre

  • Martin M.,

    Sep 2012

    It was the highlight of our trip to Paris to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary

  • Judy S.,

    Sep 2012

    Magnificent concert, spectacular setting--we thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the beauty of the Chapel listening to one of our favorite clasical pieces.

  • Lila Q., United States

    Aug 2012

    This was the most beautiful concert. It was the nicest event we attended while staying in Paris.

  • Kenneth L C., United States

    Aug 2012

    the best — wonderful concert for our first evening in Paris — great venue — top musicians who enjoyed performing for us.

  • Kerstin P., Denmark

    Aug 2012

    Beautiful !!

  • Frances H., Netherlands

    Aug 2012

    Excellent concert. Service from ClassicTic was exactly as stated.

  • Jill E., France

    Aug 2012

    It was wonderful, a magical experience.

  • Carola G., Germany

    Aug 2012

    Das Konzert in der wunderschönen Saint Capelle wird mir lange in Erinnerung bleiben. Excellente Musiker in einer tollen Umgebung. Da waren sogar meine Mädchen 15 und 13, begeistert und das passiert nicht so schnell.

  • Kelly O., United States

    Jul 2012

    My favorite piece by Vivaldi

  • Vicki W., United States

    Jul 2012

    The entire experience was just about perfect,

  • Neva P., Slovenia

    Jul 2012

    enchanting environement, top musitians

  • José Maria L., Brazil

    Jul 2012

    That was a very nice experience. My wife who is not a fan of classic music got very emotional at the concert

  • Sana A., Israel

    Jun 2012

    Was fantastic with great acoustic sound..i enjoyed it..

  • Scott T., United States

    Jun 2012

    Concert was wonderful.

  • Jason F., United States

    Jun 2012

    Beautiful setting and amazing performance

  • Mary G., United States

    Jun 2012


  • Gilbert M., France

    May 2012

    Excellent concert, en belle harmonie avec le lieu

  • Mette H., Denmark

    Mar 2012

    Wonderfull Experience. Wonderfull place and lovely music

  • ann‐christin w., Germany

    Nov 2011

    Grandios. Tolle Atmosphäre in der Kapelle und virtuose Geigen.

  • Erich S., United States

    Oct 2011

    The concert was AMAZING! I loved it. The venue, the music, the musicians…everything was perfect.

  • Hitoshi O., Japan

    Oct 2011

    演奏も素晴らしく、教会のチャペルでの音響も幻想的でした。 唯一難点は、会場への入り方分かりずらかったこと。

  • AKIKO T., Japan

    Oct 2011

    感動しました。 演奏者も本物!クラシックのコンサートは良く行くほうですが、とにかく、期待以上。 初めてこのサイトを利用したので、席なかったらどうしようと、ちょっぴり不安でしたが、全く心配不要でした。もう旅行代理店には頼みません」、」

  • Martin D., Belgium

    Sep 2011

    The musicians were great and music was so beautifully rendered.

  • Carlos N., Argentina

    Sep 2011

    It was a very nice concert

  • Adrienne G., Australia

    Sep 2011

    fantastic — loved the setting and the concert was brilliant

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