Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: Klementinum, Saint Clement Cathedral

Prague, Klementinum, Saint Clement Cathedral — Main Hall

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Hear the classical music performance of a lifetime at Prague's Klementinum, Saint Clement Cathedral an unforgettable concert highlighting The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.


  • Vivaldi, Antonio – The Four Seasons
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Customer Reviews

4.0 of 5

  • Walter

    Jul 2019

    I would like to thank the orchestra. The place is a gem and the band is a surprise. Violins, cellos, basso, pipe organ and a soprano lady. I really loved how the soprano singer was changing her position in the hall. One time she sang in front of us, ten minutes later at the balcony behind. The organ sounded magnificent and well maintained (I, myself play organ). I am sure everybody in the audience was thrilled and the orchestra received a standing ovation.

  • Wai

    Dec 2018

    It was a phenomenal experience listening to the music in such an exquisite surrounding. It would hv been a 5 rating if i had been able to see the performers. I would recommend the experience to visitors though they should be cautioned to go early to get a seat where they can see the performers :)


Klementinum, Saint Clement Cathedral, Karlova 1, Prague, Czech Republic — Google Maps