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  • Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
    Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
  • Ensemble 1756
    Ensemble 1756
  • Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
    Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
  • Karlskirche, Vienna
    Karlskirche, Vienna

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons at St. Charles's Church

Vienna, Karlskirche — Main Hall

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About the Event

Completed in 1737, just three years before Antonio Vivaldi moved to Vienna, St. Charles's Church (Karlskirche) in Vienna offers a uniquely fitting atmosphere for one of Vivaldi’s most brilliant compositions, 'The Four Seasons'.

Vivaldi composed the four spectacular violin concertos that comprise “The Four Seasons” a few years before moving from Italy to Vienna. The work musically illustrates the course of the year, recreating the sounds of furious thunder storms, breaking ice, and the twittering of birds. Vivaldi died in Vienna in 1741 and was buried just a few meters from St. Charles Church. His tomb is, like Mozart's, not preserved, his bones are missing. In contrast to the revered Mozart, only a simple stone tablet reminds of Vivaldi.

Practical Information

Duration: approx. 75 minutes

Admission: from 30 minutes before the concert.

No admission during the concert

Dress code: Appropriate to the venue and the occasion. During the winter, warm clothing is recommended.

Seating in Category 1 is numbered. Visitors will receive their reserved seat tickets when they present their e‐Ticket at the box office.
Seating in categories 2 and 3 are unnumbered: first come, first served.

The concert presenter wishes to point out that children below the age of 6 are not allowed to attend the concert.

The concert presenter wishes to point out that children below the age of 6 are not allowed to attend the concert.


  • Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons
Program is subject to change


Ensemble: Orchester 1756

The Baroque Orchestra1756 was founded in 2006 with the goal of performing baroque music on original 18th century instruments.


The Karlskirche (or St Charles Church) is a grand church situated on the southern side of the Karlsplatz (Charles Square) in Vienna. The church was built in 1739 in honour of Saint Charles Borromeo, a great counter-reformer of the 16th century. The Karlskirche is often described as the best Baroque church in the Austrian capital, although its design incorporates elements of Ancient Greek architecture. The magnificent dome, decorated with 1250 square meters of splendid frescoes, offers a gorgeous view of the city to visitors. An elevator takes guests up to a height of 32 meters where they can view the beautiful frescoes at close quarters. Various concerts of classical religious music are held here on a regular basis, but the most popular feature works by Vivaldi and Mozart. Vivaldi is buried in the adjacent graveyard, although the location of his tomb has been lost over the ages.

Customer Reviews

4.4 of 5

  • Orly D, Israel

    Dec 2022

    The concert was wonderful. Excellent musicians and the venue of the event in the amazingly beautiful church was impressive.

  • Jaimie C, USA

    Jan 2020

    Musicians were fantastic! Definitely a New Years Eve experience we won’t forget.

  • Ilse M, Belgium

    Nov 2019

    Just one word for setting and performance: magical!

  • Gerald B, USA

    Oct 2019

    That was an excellent performance. Very professional and very well done. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Vienna.

  • Chisato S, 日本

    Oct 2019


  • Oleg P, Россия

    Jul 2019

    Прекрасная игра, прекрасные музыканты! Специально для тех кто даже равнодушен к классике, после этого концерта вы пересмотрите свои предпочтения!!

  • Samuel B, France

    Dec 2018

    1 moment hors du temps dans 1 cadre magnifique ;1moment d'exception!!! A vivre et à voir absolument

  • Samuel B, France

    Dec 2018

    Suptueux, magique et envoûtant ! Ce concert dans l'église St Charles de Vienne est un moment sensationnel. Un arrêt dans le temps et un voyage… Venir visiter Vienne sans passer par la case concert est inimaginable. On y est bien reçu, malgré le froid, on passe un chaleureux moment. A savoir que nos hôtes nous distribuent des plaies et que les bancs en bois de l'église sont chauffés. Moment tour simplement hors du temps et magique.

  • Kyoko U, 日本

    Dec 2018


  • Anthony G, Belgium

    Dec 2018

    Excellent, energetic, very very good.

  • Carmen B, Spain

    Dec 2018

    Great place for a concert!!

  • C M C, USA

    Nov 2018

    Fantastic experience! The musicianship was superb. The venue was perfect. Our seats were 2nd row center… sadly a download of the ticket to a device was not sufficient and it was a bit of a hassle to get the voucher physically printed. Fortunately my German was up to the task.

  • Frederick R W, Switzerland

    Nov 2018

    Marvellous . A must !!

  • Karen P, USA

    Oct 2018

    We really enjoyed the Vivaldi concert of The Four Seasons. The ticket process was easy for getting e‐tickets, and we were pleasantly surprised that we got assigned seats toward the front. The acoustics of the St. Charles Church were marvelous, and the musicians were superb. Our concert lasted 75 minutes, which is a perfect length for all ages after a long day of sight seeing. We highly recommend this venue; concert; and ticket outlet for listening to the beautiful classical music of Vienna.

  • Gail W, Austria

    Oct 2018

    Wonderful performance by highly skilled musicians. A totally thrilling evening.

  • Hannu K.,

    Sep 2012


  • Lily C., United States

    Jul 2012

    great seats!

  • Shiraz A., France

    May 2012

    Wonderful performance and venue

  • Gunnel D., Portugal

    May 2012

    The best performance of "The Seasons" I ever heard

  • Evgeny G., United States

    Nov 2011

    Very nice orchestra

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Karlskirche, Karlsplatz, Kreuzherrengasse 1, Vienna, Austria — Google Maps

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