About the Event

Live and enjoy the musical atmosphere of the eighteenth century in the noble palace of Ca’ Sagredo where the well‐known Venetian painter Giambattista Tiepolo lived and worked. You will listen to a lyric concert performed by the most beautiful singers of Venice Opera. An evening to remember and not to be missed, an unforgettable moment that will make your visit to Venice unique.

Nothing is more elegant and ethereal than the palaces of Venice and Ca’ Sagredo is certainly one of the most significant architectural expressions of the”City of beauty” par excellence. Today a luxury hotel, this ancient residence continues to show its artistic vitality, becoming the stage for Gaetano Donizetti's famous opera 'The Elixir of Love'.

The 13th century Palace has been declared a National Monument and still preserves the untouched beauty of an ancient noble Residence. The first owner, documented in 1570, was Lorenzo Morosini, Domenico’s brother, one of the patrons of the Accademia Pellegrina where even Tiziano and Tintoretto belonged. After some heritage turnovers inside, the Sagredo family was for centuries one of the pillars of the Venetian patriciate and was the birthplace of Doge Nicolò Sagredo (1675‐1676), as well as the martyr St. Gerard, patron saint of Budapest.

The concert will be performed in the Sala della Musica. Still nowadays its perfect acoustic of this hall wraps its guests: just by skimming over the piano keyboard, the figures in the frescoes seem to turn to life. Surrounded by the majestic walls, adorned with frescoes by Gaspare Diziani and Giambattista Tiepolo, you can accompany the humble Nemorino towards the culmination of his dream of love with the rich but capricious Adina. The whole story revolves around a seemingly portentous “Love Potion”, which will set the naive Nemorino off on many misadventures. In the middle of passages of irresistible humor, there are also moments where the pathos of love takes on its full extent, as in the romance of Nemorino 'Una furtiva lacrima'.

The Italian representation style will allow you to fully enjoy the charm of a simple and romantic story, enriched in its beauty by the harmonious combination of brilliant piano music, acting, singing and the wonderful colour palette created by original stage costumes.

During the break you will have access to the “Portego” (main hall). Upon entry, your eye will be captured by the wide gothic windows at the end of the room, offering an enchanting view of the Grand Canal: the Rialto bridge, the Pescheria (fish market), the Cà D’Oro, the palaces and campaniles around the hotel, the gondolas and boats on the Canal.

Treat yourself to an evening of music and let yourself be conquered by an opera that never ceases to amaze and by an exceptional stage, which will allow you to exclusively visit the regal rooms of one of the most famous palaces in Venice.

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