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Twilight Houses at Estonian National Opera

Tallinn, Estonian National Opera — Theatre Hall

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About the Event

Seize this opportunity at the beautiful Estonian National Opera in Tallinn to experience the world premiere of this ballet by Tiit Härm to the music of Gustav Mahler.

The ballet is about feelings, their beauty and pain, and spiritual and sensual love. It is the story of two young people with a passionate spark of life, who, while reaching towards each other, hope to overcome the stuffy stagnation of the sense and way of life of the Baltic‐German nobility and to live boldly and freely.

Tiit Härm’s creative credo has always been inspired by his faith in the comforting power of beauty, and for him, ballet is one of the most sincere forms of that beauty. The wish to reach beyond the real, everyday, sometimes even banal world, aspire to intense feelings and supreme beauty, has characterised Härm as both a dancer and a stage director.

The works of Mahler and Keyserling are connected through their shared years of life and activity as well as their deep dedication to expressing their perception of the world perfectly in their art. The dramatic passion of Mahler’s music brings deep emotions, passion, and love to the ballet stage.

Estonian National Opera
The Estonian National Opera company, established in 1870, presents a wide range of operas, operettas, ballets, and musicals.

The opera house itself was constructed in 1913 as the initiative of the 'Estonia' song and drama society. At the time, this Art Nouveau structure was the largest in Tallinn. During the Second World War, the theater was destroyed. Restored in the 1950s under Soviet rule, the architects kept the original facade, but the rest of the building combines Neoclassical and Stalinist elements.

Practical Information

World Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on March 18, 2022

Cast / Production

Eldor Renter
Tiit Härm

Choreographer and Stage Director
Tiit Härm

Margus Vaigur

Projection Designer
Taavi Varm

Set and Costumes Designer
Maarja Meeru


Estonian National Opera, Estonian Avenue 4, Tallinn, Estonia — Google Maps

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