Tosca: Teatro dell'Opera di Roma

Tosca, © Photo: Yasuko Kageyama

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Grasp a unique opportunity to take part in operatic history. The passionate music and intense emotions of Puccini's classic opera had their premiere at the Teatro dell'Opera in 1900, and famous Roman landmarks within walking distance of the theater form the backdrop for its plot.

The rapidly-rising young director Alessandro Talevi leads a team in reconstructing many elements of the first performance. Relive the Napoleonic-era tale of the opera singer, Floria Tosca, her lover, the painter Cavaradossi, and the Chief of Police, Baron Scarpia, who desires her.

With Italian and English surtitles

The price categories correspond to the following areas of the seating plan:

1 - Central Boxes: Parterre, I-II Tier (6 Seats): FRONT
2 - Orchestra: Row 1-11
3 - Orchestra: from Row 12 & lateral seats
4 - Central Boxes: Parterre, I-II Tier (6 Seats): BACK
5 - Side Boxes: Parterre, I Tier (4-5 Seats): FRONT
6 - Side Boxes: II Tier (4-5 Seats): FRONT
7 - Side Boxes: Parterre, I Tier (4-5 Seats): BACK

Please note that if you book more than two seats in the boxes, we cannot guarantee that your entire party will be seated together or in the same box.

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