Tomáš Netopil & Symphonie Fantastique: Prague Symphony Orchestra

Tomáš Netopil

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Revel in the colorful music of Ravel and Berlioz, as the acclaimed Czech conductor, Tomáš Netopil, leads the Prague Symphony in La Valse and the Symphonie Fantastique. Adding to the excitement, Jiří Gemrot's new 'Concerto for Oboe & Orchestra' has its world premiere, with the renowned Vilém Veverka as soloist.

Berlioz' vivid musical depiction of both joys and horrors is intensely personal, stemming from the composer's own experience of unrequited love, and - one might be tempted to guess - a certain amount of wild living. Ravel's work is often thought to deal with a wider theme - the grotesque loss of life in World War One - though the composer denied any programmatic element in his work.

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