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Thomas Brezina presents Bibel in Reimen. The Concert

About the Event

Immerse yourself in Thomas Brezina's heartwarming and inspirational Bible in rhyme at the concert taking place in St. Stephen's Cathedral. This unique event features 10 moving songs that touch on themes of love, peace, and spirituality, accompanied by lyrics penned by Brezina himself. The choir performing in this concert is none other than the talented music high school ensemble Sacre Coeur Pressbaum, renowned for their excellence in international competitions. Reinhold Hofmann, the composer, expresses his joy in collaborating with these gifted young performers.

The upcoming performances on May 16 and 17 in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral will showcase a children's choir of 100 voices, a four‐piece band, a string quartet, and two soloists on stage. This highly anticipated premiere marks a significant milestone in Thomas Brezina's illustrious career as a beloved author. The musical adaptation of Brezina's bestselling book 'The Bible in Rhymes,' meticulously crafted by German composer Reinhold Hoffmann, brings to life captivating and entertaining Bible stories for audiences of all ages. Brezina's literary prowess has been celebrated with over 25,000 copies sold and prestigious accolades.

Born in Vienna in 1963, Thomas Brezina has become a household name in children's literature, with his works translated into more than 35 languages. His remarkable career spans over 600 books and a staggering 45 million copies sold worldwide, firmly establishing him as a prolific and successful author. Accomplished composer Reinhold Hoffmann, known for his diverse musical talents, has masterfully transformed Brezina's lyrical narratives into captivating melodies that enchant listeners of all ages.

The realization of this extraordinary musical project was made possible through a collaborative effort involving Hoffmann, Brezina, and key sponsors such as the Archbishop's Office for Education and Schools, the Archdiocese of Vienna, publishing house edition a, and exclusive sponsor Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to nurturing the arts and enriching the cultural landscape. Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein's enduring support for community initiatives and artistic endeavors, including 'The Bible in Rhymes' by Thomas Brezina, reflects their dedication to fostering memorable experiences for individuals of all ages.

As we look forward to celebrating the upcoming milestone of 200 years of Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein in 2024, the youngest members of our community stand to benefit from the rich legacy of cultural patronage. Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein's longstanding partnership with the Vienna Cathedral Chapter underscores their commitment to preserving Austria's rich cultural heritage. This exciting collaboration enables 'The Bible in Rhymes' concert at St. Stephen's Cathedral to offer a truly unforgettable musical experience within Austria's most iconic landmark for audiences of all ages.

Cast / Production

Choir of Sacre Coeur Pressbaum

Band: Bernhard Welz — Schlagzeug | Matthias Simoner — Gitarre | Werner Laher – Bass | Reinhold Hoffmann – Klavier

String Quartet: Elizabeth Basoff, Ewa Joanna Skrzypacz — Violine | Tristan Feichtner, Werner Laher – Violoncello

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