The Royal Serenade & Fountains Night Show in Versailles

The Royal Serenade, Versailles Palace

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Relive the flamboyant days of the reign of Louis XIV at Versailles: Just before the famous Fountains Night Show, Baroque dance company L’Éventail and the musicians of the ensemble, Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, evoke the tradition of a royal ball in the grand apartments of the king.

Following the musical delights in the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Garden becomes a land of astonishing sights and sounds. Visitors discover a world of colorfully illuminated groves and bubbling fountains. Fireworks against the backdrop of the Grand Canal close this spectacular display, which is enhanced by (pre-recorded) French Baroque music.

6:00 pm: Ticket collection at the ticket office (accueil-billetterie)
6:30 pm: Royal Serenade (40 min)
8:30-11 pm: Night Fountains Show

Please note: The venue is accessible for people with a disability, but both the Royal Serenade and the Night Fountain Show involve standing and walking around the palace and gardens. There is no seating for this event.

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