The Gipsy Princess

The Csárdás Princess: Volksoper Wien

There are currently no dates available for this event.

The operetta, The Gipsy Princess (Die Csárdásfürstin), is arguably Emmerich Kálmáns most successful work. The famous operetta contains many famous melodies such as 'Machen wir's den Schwalben nach', 'Ganz ohne Weiber geht die Chose nicht', and 'Die Mädis von Chantant'.

The singer Sylva Varescu is in love with Edwin von und zu Lippert-Weylersheim, whose parents do not approve of the liaison and are planning an engagement to Countess Stasi for their son. When Sylva hears about this, she goes to America with Edwin’s friend Boni (who is actually in love with Stasi), disguised as a married couple. Confusion results - but all ends happily. 

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