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The Strand Contemporary Music Series (Concert 8)

About the Event

The eighth concert of an exceptional new series of contemporary music at the beautiful candlelit venue of St Mary le Strand. A unique opportunity to experience new and innovative works by some of the UK leading contemporary music artists. St Mary le Strand is an outstanding and intimate venue, well suited for musical performance. There are also many bars and restaurants nearby to complete your evening.

Rebecka Edlund, Phoebe Harty and Cori Smith met in Southeast London,
playing folk music and dancing polska into the early hours of the
morning. The trio immerse themselves in myriad musical soundscapes,
intertwining traditional folk melodies with original compositions and
improvisations. Their spiralling arrangements with spinning, trance‐like
melodies morph into electrifying groove‐based tunes, inviting the
audience on a musical journey. For the trio, no other feeling comes
close to making music, telling stories and sharing meaningful moments
with an audience.

Phoebe's tune — Cori Smith
Grey Funnel Line — Cyril Tawney
Happiest When Most Away — Emily Bronte poem set to music by Cori Smith

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