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The Magic Flute: Children's Opera in the Crypt

About the Event

Can Tamino and Papageno manage the difficult tasks they are set? How will the magic flute and the glockenspiel help them? What an adventure!

With the largest selection of children's classics, KinderOPER at KRYPTA presents varied works for young and old. Due to the proximity to the singers, there is a special exchange of energy that grips even the youngest. Authentic, genuine opera theater is presented, which is primarily tailored to the needs of young audiences, but also captivates the young at heart.
Seats are assigned on the spot. Every young guest is guaranteed a free view. An entertaining children's work introduction takes place before the performance begins.
The bright and friendly KRYPTA is pleasantly tempered at any time of the year.

Tamino falls madly in love with the image of the king's daughter Pamina. Her mother, the Queen of the Night, asks him to free her from the captivity of the sorcerer Sarastro. Papageno is to accompany him. As help, Tamino receives a magic flute from her and Papageno a silver glockenspiel. But unfortunately the two get lost in the forest
Papageno soon meets Monostatos, Pamina's guard. The latter becomes so amused by the sound of the magic bells that Papageno is able to free the princess. At the same time, Tamino tries out his flute. Calmed by its tones, the wild animals show him the way to Sarastro's castle.
There, everyone learns why Sarastro had Pamina kidnapped. She is to become Tamino's wife and his successor as soon as he has passed the difficult tests. Tamino skilfully overcomes the great dangers and walks through fire and water.
Glad not to have to endure even such trials, Papageno, however, has a great wish: a female, one like him, a Papagena! So he plays his glockenspiel and an old hag appears. She threatens Papageno with imprisonment if he does not marry her. Thereupon he vows eternal fidelity, for he has nothing to lose. Then the old woman changes into a beautiful young woman in whom Papageno recognizes his long desired Papagena.
'Strength triumphs and crowns beauty and wisdom with an eternal crown as a reward.'

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