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The Magic Flute at Teatro Aurora, Firenze‐Scandicci

About the Event

Experience opera like never before in this astonishing performance of The Magic Flute by Mozart at Florence's remarkable Teatro Aurora.

Fictional ancient Egypt. Prince Tamino is asked by the Queen of the Night to rescue Pamina, who has been kidnapped by Sarastro. His companion is the jolly Papageno. After finding Pamina safely, Tamino and Pamina fall in love.
Tamino is challenged to a test in Sarastro's world to gain wisdom and Pamina. Papageno joins him in the challenge. Papageno's reward for his challenge is a girl named Papagena.
The Queen of the Night, who was to be the victim of her daughter's abduction, orders her daughter Pamina to kill Sarastro in order to regain the power of the sun given to Sarastro by her late husband. Sarastro learns of this and says that he will forgive her out of love, not revenge.

Tamino and Papageno go through the trials without incident. The Queen of the Night, who has come to attack Sarastro's world, is defeated by the power of light. The people praise the world of the sun for its beauty and wisdom.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Perhaps the most important composer of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer of the late 18th century. Born in 1756 in Salzburg, he showed prodigious musical talent from childhood. Beginning at five years of age, he composed more than 600 works, including concertos, symphonies, religious works and operas before his premature death at the age of 35. Hi influence over successive generations cannot be overestated — Ludwig van Beethoven wrote of Mozart 'posterity will not see such a talent again in 100 years”. Despite the immense success of his compositions, and the acclaim he received across Europe, Mozart achieved little financial security and rwas buried in an unmarked grave in Vienna's St Marx Cemetery.

Cast / Production

Tamino — Filippo Pina Castiglioni
Pamina — Sophie Gallagher
Königin der Nacht — Roberta Ceccotti
Papageno — Allan Rizzetti
Papagena — Antonella Biondo
Sarastro — Alberto Bianchi Lanzoni
Monostatos — Rocco Sharkey
Erste Dame — Veronica Senserini
Zweite Dame — Martina Barreca
dritte Dame — Cinzia Borsotti
Drei Knaben — F.Bernini, A. & S. Piccini
Costumi — Rachele Ceccotti
Maestra Concertatrice — Claudia Gori
Tuscan Chamber Orchestra
Ensemble, Coro & Compagnia d'Opera Italiana Firenze

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