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The Flaming Fire — Scottish, Irish and English music with Hille Perl

About the Event

Entertaining dances and touching ballads of the Renaissance and Baroque from Scotland, Ireland and England by Henry Lawes, Robert Johnson, Thomas Campion and Henry Purcell, among others, as well as modern versions by the musicians tell of the blazing flames of love.
Like a thread running through the songs of this program are various images of fire: it warms, it causes burns, it can destroy, but it also gives life‐giving warmth. At the center of the program is the Scottish song 'The Flaming Fire,' in which all the qualities of fire are described and where even the most effective antidote, water, seems helpless against the flames that come from love.

Music by Robert Johnson, who as a lutenist was closely associated with Shakespeare, by Henry Lawes, who evoked the timeless connection between wine and love in his 'The excellency of wine', and by the greatest master of his time, Henry Purcell, from his collection 'Orpheus Brittanicus', and Hille's and Marthe Perl's own pieces complete the program.

Cast / Production

Hille Perl — viola da gamba
Marthe Perl — viola da gamba
Colin Balzer — tenor
Joel Frederiksen — bass, lute, archlute & direction

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