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The Best of Swan Lake

Prague, Broadway Theater

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About the Event

The Best of Swan Lake offers a ballet performance on the intimate stage of the Broadway Theater in Prague. Eighteen dancers, accompanied by recorded music, interpret the enchanting story of Odette, the princess who falls under the spell of an evil curse.

Timeless gem of classical ballet with music by one of the most famous Russian composers, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. The captivating story is sure to appeal to both adults and children. Swan Lake is the most performed and best known ballet in the world it requires precision and a high level of classical technique from all performing dancers. Thanks to the exceptionally demanding performances of the dancers, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable theatrical experience. During the performance, you will be swept away by the graceful movements of the swans, Prince Siegfried and his jester, and the queen who is about to marry her son. The double role of Odette and Odile, who embody two completely different characters, is the real highlight of the performance. How will the story of the enchanted princess end? Will the evil sorcerer von Rothbart, who has transformed the princess into a swan, succeed in outwitting Prince Siegfried? Will there be a happy or tragic ending in Monika Kysilová's choreography?

Cast / Production

Odette / Odile: Carolina Cortesi, Kateřina Audy
Prince Siegfried: Karel Audy, Libor Kettner
Von Rothbart: Valery Globa, Krystof Simek
Jester: Dominik Port, Libor Kettner
Queen Mother: Katerina Audy, Petra Dvorakova

Corps de Ballet:
Klara Zezulkova, Evzen Bockor, Igor Kolva, Anezka Kalkusova, Zuzana Kormosova, Marek Kasparovsky, Michal Kovac, Karolina Hlinkova, Natalie Rychetska, Ema Slavikova, Martin Dinus, Tereza Szentpeteryova, Serghei Gherciu, Ondrej Martis, Jiří Wanka, Eliska Kolarova, Helenka Fabikova, Alexey Kolva, Josef Svoboda, Tereza Kucerova, Lucie Hrzalova, Marketa Jedlickova, Anna Vdovichenko, Emmeline Jansen, Carolina Cortesi,Lydie Svojgerova, Eliska Rajmonova, Kristyna Nemeckova, Valerij Globa, Libor Kettner, Dimitry Tenicky, Adéea Mandikova, Tereza Kucerova, Kristina Kodedova, Eliska Kolarova, Helena Fabikova, Adela Mandikova, Vojta Vlasak, Vojta Jansa, Josef Svoboda, Gaëtan Pires

Choreography: Monika Kysilova
Stage Design: Martin Cerny
Stage Properties: Tomas Hnat
Costumes: Jana Chamlarova, Helena Chlupata


Broadway Theater, Na Příkopě 988/31, Prague, Czech Republic — Google Maps

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