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Summer Sounds at Schloss Grafenegg: Grafenegg Academy Orchestra

About the Event

The Grafenegg Academy Orchestra, conducted by Ilan Volkov, presents a captivating programme that seamlessly blends the old and the new. Through their performance, they unite different epochs and styles, creating a beautiful musical experience. One of the highlights is Johann Sebastian Bach's famous six‐voice Ricercar from the "Art of the Fugue." Bach's intricate composition pays tribute to a theme by Frederick the Great, and when orchestrated by Anton Webern, it shines brilliantly like a precious gemstone.

In addition, Johannes Brahms pays homage to the esteemed Joseph Haydn with his magnificent "Haydn Variations." This work showcases Brahms' mastery of composition and his deep admiration for Haydn's legacy. The programme also features Arnold Schoenberg's groundbreaking Chamber Symphony No. 1, which boldly announces a new era with its electrifying fanfare in fourths.

Adding a touch of modernity to the evening is percussion soloist Colin Currie, who showcases his virtuosity in Andrew Norman's "Switch" from 2015. This thrilling composition pushes Currie to his limits, creating an exhilarating finale to the performance. With a combination of classical masterpieces and contemporary works, this programme promises to be an unforgettable and exciting experience for all music lovers.

Practical Information

Concert starts at 20:00

For clients who have booked inclusive bus transfer:

Departure Vienna Musikverein, corner Bösendorferstraße/Canovagasse: 240 minutes before the concert begins

Return from Grafenegg: approx. 15 minutes after the end of the concert

Journey time approx. 55 min

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