About the Event

Experience the Stuttgarter Ballett at the Tempodrom Berlin.

Swedish choreographer Johan Inger uses jazz pianist Keith Jarrett's legendary 'Cologne Concerto' for his large‐scale ensemble piece music that many consider the epitome of virtuoso improvisation. Inger picks up on the music's nonchalance and creates an image of freedom and community. Rather than one‐to‐one transformation of the music into movement, it is the feeling of Jarrett's iconic music that Inger grandiosely translates into dance — sending not only listeners, but audience members into a state of bliss.

Cast / Production

Choreography (Out of Breath) Johan Inger
Stage, Costumes (Out of Breath) Mylla Ek
Lighting (Out of Breath) Ellen Ruge
Lighting (Out of Breath) Tom Visser
Lighting (Out of Breath) Loes Schakenbos
Choreography, Stage, Costumes (Bliss) Johan Inger
Costumes (Bliss) Francesca Messori
Lighting (Bliss) Peter Lundin
Choreography, Stage (Aurora's Nap) Johan Inger
Stage, Costumes (Aurora's Nap) Salvador Mateu Andujar
Lighting (Aurora's Nap) Fabiana Piccioli

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