About the Event

Experience opera like never before in this astonishing performance of The Bat by Strauss at Florence's remarkable Teatro Aurora.

Gabriel Eisenstein, on his way home from a certain costume ball, left his friend Dr. Falke, drunk in a bat costume, on a street. Since then, Dr. Falke is laughingly called 'Dr. Fledermaus' — he wants to take revenge on Eisenstein for this.
Eisenstein has to be sent to prison for a short time because he insulted an official. Dr. Falke invites him to a party and Eisenstein's wife Rosalinde stays at home. Alfred, who is Rosalinde's old flame, visits him, and when the prison guard Frank visits Eisenstein's house, he takes Alfred to prison instead of Eisenstein.
Eisenstein joins the party thrown by the Russian Prince Orlofsky. Eisenstein happens to see his maid Adele. But he is engrossed in a beautiful Hungarian lady wearing a mask (his wife Rosalinde).
Early in the morning of New Year's Day, Eisenstein reports to prison. He finds a strange man in his cell. Then his wife Rosalinde comes to the prison to release Alfred from prison. Dr Falke appears there with all the party participants, and he reveals his trap to Eisenstein. All the characters on stage laugh.

Cast / Production

Gabriel von Eisenstein – Vladimir Reutov
Rosalinde – Veronica Senserini
Frank – Max Medero
Prince Orlofsky – Alessandra Masini
Alfred – Andrea Calce
Dr.Falke – Ricardo Crampton
Dr.Blind – Mirco Felici
Adele – Antonella Biondo
Ida – Martina Barreca
Frosch — Alessandro Calonaci
Regia – Franz Moser
Costumi – Sara Bianchi
Maestro Concertatore — Riccardo Mascia
Ensemble, Coro & Compagnia d’Opera Italiana Firenze
Compagnia Mal D’Estro

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