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Star Roof Experience: Beethoven's 9th Symphony | Arena di Verona

Verona, Arena di Verona

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Combine Beethoven's 9th Symphony with the exclusive Star Roof Experience.

The Star Roof Experience takes place on the terrace of the stars, a hidden gem known by few, including the locals of Verona themselves. This unique setting is situated between the first ring of the Arena and the surviving wing, which has stood as a symbol of the amphitheater since the 1117 earthquake. From this vantage point, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of Piazza Bra and its historic Liston, perpetually bustling with visitors.

Before the concert, only 24 special guests will have access to this magical place, to enjoy a Michelin‐starred dinner before being taken directly to the ‘open‐air royal box’ to attend to the concert.
The goal of this initiative is to collect funds, alongside Verona’s Municipality
and the Department responsible for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape
for the provinces of Verona, to preserve such a unique monument as the Arena.

Once the dinner concludes, you will be escorted to the coveted front‐row seats to savor the opera performance. During the intermission, you will have exclusive access to a designated area where a personalized courtesy service awaits you.

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, with its choral 'Ode to Joy', is among the most famous works in the classical music repertoire. Experience a performance of this musical monument to peace and freedom in the wonderful setting of the Arena di Verona.

Beethoven's Symphony no. 9, one of the most frequently performed in the classical canon, evolved out of two separate works – a symphony with a final choral movement, and an instrumental composition in D minor. For almost ten years the composer worked on the two works before finally deciding to merge them into one monumental piece, with the addition of the text from Friedrich Schiller's poem 'Ode to Joy'. The final movement is called 'a symphony within a symphony' by some critics. At 24 minutes duration, the movement is longer than some complete symphonies of the Classical period, and follows the traditional four‐movement symphonic form.

Beethoven's final symphony, it is the composer's first to include a vocal element. The 9th premiered in 1824 in Vienna's Theater am Kärntnertor, performed by the largest orchestra ever assembled by Beethoven. It received standing ovations, establishing it as an immediate success, and one of Beethoven’s greatest works!

Practical Information

- Dedicated concierge
- Exclusive area
- Placé dinner before the show
- Courtesy gift
- 'open air royal box'
- Concert ticket 1st row
- Early Entry: priority access to the venue

A minimum of 2 tickets must be booked.

Included are:
- Ticket to the opera performance in the chosen category
- One month's free access to a premium classical music streaming service
- self‐guided audio tour of Verona in English


  • Ludwig van Beethoven – Sinfonie Nr. 9
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Arena di Verona

The Arena di Verona is the third largest Roman amphitheatre still standing. Built around 30 AD, the Arena is also among the best-preserved amphitheatres of the period. Its gigantic dimensions (140 meters long and 100 meters wide), and seating for over 30,000 spectators, ensure it dominates the northern part of Piazza Bra. Excellent acoustics and a fabulous location make it an ideal venue for large-scale opera performances. The monument was re-established as a theatre during the Renaissance, and in 1913 the tradition of opera at the Arena di Verona began with a production of Giuseppe Verdi's 'Aida'.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist and composer of the late 18th century. He is well known as the most influential composers of all time as well as crucial figure to the Classical music scene. In fact, he demonstrated his musical talent at an early age, taking lessons from his father and composer/conductor Christian Gottlob Neefe. Later, he moved to Vienna where he gained the reputation of a virtuoso pianist by composing his popular masterpieces. He created his most admired works in his last 15 years of life, all the while being almost completely deaf.


Arena di Verona, Piazza Bra 28, Verona, Italy — Google Maps

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