• Komische Oper Berlin, © Photo: Gunnar Geller
  • Komische Oper Berlin, © Photo: Gunnar Geller

Spring Storms: Komische Oper Berlin

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About the Event

Discover the last operetta of the Weimar Republic! Written by the acclaimed Czech composer Jaromír Weinberger, and premiered just days before the Nazis seized power, 'Spring Storms' transported its audience far from the troubles of the time, to the exotic shores of China at the turn of the century.

Set in the midst of the Japanese‐Russian war of 1904/05, 'Spring Storms' incorporates many of the traditional tropes of operetta — an alluringly mysterious widow, a sassy ingenue, and an out‐of‐his‐depth commanding officer. Nonetheless, the work demonstrates Weinberger’s command of musical drama, breaking with traditions to deliver a taut plot, and luscious music.

Barrie Kosky and Jordan de Souza return this forgotten gem to Berlin stages as they celebrate Weinberg's legacy.

Sung in German


  • Jaromír Weinberger – Spring Storms
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Cast / Production

Conductor Jordan de Souza
Director Barrie Kosky
Choreographer Otto Pichler
Stage and lighting design Klaus Grünberg
Costumes Dinah Ehm
Dramaturgy Ulrich Lenz

General Wladimir Katschalow Stefan Kurt
Tatjana Alma Sadé
Lydia Pawlowska Vera‐Lotte Böcker
Roderich Zirbitz Dominik Köninger
Ito Tansel Akzeybek

Event Dates


Komische Oper Berlin, Behrenstraße 55‐57, Berlin, Germany