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  • Kölner Philharmonie, © Photo: Joerg Hejkal
    Kölner Philharmonie, © Photo: Joerg Hejkal

Cologne Philharmonic

Optimal acoustics, excellent programming

Constructed in 1986, the award‐winning Cologne Philharmonic Hall (Kölner Philharmonie) is one of the best designed modern concert halls in the world. Built in the style of an amphitheater in order to achieve the most perfect acoustics, the hall has no walls that stand parallel, so that no undesired echoes can occur. Even the seats are upholstered to optimize the sound, so that the acoustics remain consistent, whether occupied or empty.

Below is a listing of upcoming classical concerts performed in Köln Philharmonie. Purchase your tickets conveniently and securely online, and receive your e‐Ticket by e‐mail.

There are currently no event dates available.

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Cologne Philharmonic