Snow White at Oper Leipzig

There are currently no dates available for this event.

'Mirror, mirror on the wall...' The vain Queen Clothilde would move heaven and earth to prevent her stepdaughter Snow White's beauty from surpassing hers. Your magic mirror must constantly assure you that your beauty surpasses everything. Under no circumstances should there be a more beautiful woman in the country than she is - no matter what the cost! But one day the mirror sees his stepdaughter, Snow White, and realizes it: The beauty of the good-hearted young woman often surpasses the beauty of the queen. To get the competitor out of the way, the stepmother sets heaven and hell in motion. Warned by the hunter, who must shoot them in the name of the queen, Snow White flees behind the seven mountains to the seven dwarves, who welcome them friendly, but is she safe there from the intrigues of the evil queen?

This well-known fairy tale of envy and obsession with beauty gets a guaranteed makeover to delight young and old alike.

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