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Smetana: Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Bologna, Auditorium Manzoni — Main Hall

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About the Event

Bedrich Smetana, a Czech composer, once stated that the Czech people were a singing community. This statement proves true not only in musical theater but also in symphonic music, as exemplified by Smetana's cycle of six symphonic poems titled 'My Homeland.' These poems were written between 1874 and 1880 and were first performed as a whole in Prague on November 5, 1882, a couple of years before the composer's death. It is worth noting that Smetana had already lost his hearing by then.

Smetana's music skillfully incorporates folk motifs, figures, images, places, and memories, blurring the lines between history and legend. It portrays a land that, during the mid‐19th century, was rediscovering its national identity. The symphonic poem format, unshackled from the rigid structure of a symphony, allowed this nation to find its voice once again. The music itself is expertly crafted and easily accessible, captivating listeners with its imaginative power. It evokes images of forests, meadows, castles, and, most prominently, the majestic Vltava River. From the river's humble origins to the bustling city of Golden Prague, Smetana's composition transports us back in time, where the echoes of ancient Czech dances can be heard, albeit transformed.


  • Bedrich Smetana – “Má vlast” (La mia patria)
Program is subject to change


Conductor: Pinchas Steinberg
Orchestra: Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna


Auditorium Manzoni, Via de'Monari 1/2, Bologna, Italy — Google Maps

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