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  • Salzburg Classics: Music in Mirabell
    Salzburg Classics: Music in Mirabell
  • Yu-Ying Zehetmair
    Yu‐Ying Zehetmair
  • Schloss Mirabell, Salzburg - Schlosskirche
    Schloss Mirabell, Salzburg — Schlosskirche

Salzburg Classics: Music in Mirabell

Salzburg, Schloss Mirabell — Schlosskirche

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About the Event

Outstanding musicians perform chamber music in a lovely setting in Salzburg.

In the heart of Salzburg, ensconced within the serene environs of the Mirabell Gardens, lies the Palace Church — a venue that exudes history and charm. Here, virtuoso musicians converge to breathe life into timeless pieces, transporting listeners through epochs and emotions. From the intricate harmonies of Bach to the sweeping melodies of Mozart, the repertoire spans from the Baroque to the Romantic era, creating a tapestry of sound that captures the essence of classical music.

Each performance is not merely a recital but a journey. The majestic backdrop of the Palace Church amplifies the ethereal notes, making it more than just an auditory experience. As the melodies waft through the air, they mingle with the scent of blooming flowers from the Mirabell Gardens, creating a multisensory symphony.

In this exquisite setting, every composition is given a new lease of life. The music resonates, transcending time and space, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a world where notes and nuances reign supreme. The experience is heightened by the sheer prowess of the musicians, whose dedication and talent transform each piece into a living masterpiece.

In sum, the Palace Church in the Mirabell Gardens is not just a venue, but a sanctum of music. Here, history, artistry, and ambiance converge to offer a musical sojourn like no other. Dive into this enchanting world, and let the legacies of Bach, Mozart, and many more sweep you off your feet.


  • Johann Sebastian Bach – Selected Works for Piano and Cello
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Selected works for piano and cello
Program is subject to change


Piano: Helian Zehetmair
Cello: Yuying Zehetmair

Schloss Mirabell

The exquisite Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg are recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 1606 by Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich Raitenau as a gift for his mistress Salome Alt, in 1727 the palace was reconstructed in the Baroque style. The palace was rebuillt in the Neoclassical style visitors see today after the Great Fire of Salzburg in 1818. Famous for its splendid, geometrically-arranged gardens with sculptures of Greek gods, fountains, and orangery, fans of the iconic film 'The Sound of Music' will recognise several locations. Equally famous is the Marble Hall inside the palace. With its marble statues and golden decorations, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful event halls in the world. Concerts take place regularly, and the Hall is a popular location for weddings and special ceremonies.

Customer Reviews

4.3 of 5

  • TATSUO I, 日本

    Mar 2020


  • Karin N, Deutschland

    Dec 2018

    Die jungen Künstler war sehr engagiert und haben uns eine grosse Freude bereitet. Schade, dass so wenig Zuhörer da waren.

  • Michael P, USA

    Dec 2018

    The concert was only exceeded by the beauty of the venue.

  • Michael S, USA

    Nov 2018

    Excellent performance in a very personable setting.

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Schloss Mirabell, Mirabellplatz 4, Salzburg, Austria — Google Maps

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