About the Event

Experience opera like never before in this astonishing performance of Rigoletto by Verdi at Florence's remarkable Teatro Aurora.

The Duke of Mantua is a serial womaniser. At a palace party, not satisfied with the married Countess Ceprano, the Duke reveals that he is also in love with a mysterious woman he has seen in church.
The hunchbacked jester Rigoletto jokes that the Duke should have the Countess's husband murdered. Count Ceprano vows to kidnap Rigoletto's mistress as punishment. Chaos ensues when the elderly Count Monterone arrives and confronts the Duke about seducing his daughter — a third wife! Rigoletto's joke goes too far and the old man curses him.

Rigoletto's so‐called 'mistress' is actually his daughter Gilda, whom he keeps under lock and key at home. She has secretly fallen in love with the Duke of Mantua, who came to her church in disguise. Gilda is kidnapped by Count Ceprano and delivered into the Duke's clutches. Rigoletto hires an assassin to take revenge. But before the day is out, the old man's curse will exert its deadly power.

Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian opera composer. From a young age, he developed a musical education with the help of a patron and soon dominated the Italian opera. In fact by his 30s, he became one of the most influential opera composer all over the classical scene. His most famous operas are Il Trovatore, Rigoletto and La Traviata. Furthermore, he was able to establish himself as a landowner with the income from his successful operas and focus on his private life. However, he soon returned to the scene with his new popular work Aida 1871, and three masterpieces: Otello, Requiem and Falstaff.

Cast / Production

Rigoletto – Lisandro Guinis
Gilda – Ekaterina Shelehova
Duca di Mantova – Vladimir Reutov
Sparafucile – Alberto Bianchi Lanzoni
Maddalena – Alessandra Masini
Marullo – Max Medero
Giovanna – Cinzia Borsotti
Conte di Monterone – Alessandro Ceccarini
Conte di Ceprano – Mirco Felici
Contessa di Ceprano – Nicoletta Celati
Paggio – Katiuscia Baldini
Regia – Lisandro Guinis
Costumi – Sara Bianchi
Maestra Concertatrice — Claudia Gori
Ensemble, Coro & Compagnia d’Opera Italiana Firenze

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