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Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Michael Haydn at Paris's Eglise Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement

Paris, Eglise Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement

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About the Event

In this highly‐anticipated concert, hear the mellifluous sounds of classical music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Michael Haydn at Paris's treasured and world‐renowned Eglise Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement.

Two masterpieces, one Title: REQUIEM.

Le Chœur de Paris offers you an exceptional concert, with two works rarely performed together and yet forever linked by a beautiful story of friendship and music.
Mozart's Requiem is undoubtedly the most famous, but the Requiem by Michael Haydn, Joseph Haydn's younger brother, also deserves recognition: intimate, deep, moving music. Composed at the end of 1771, in just two weeks and in particularly painful conditions, it is the work that influenced Mozart in the composition of his own Requiem. During its first performance, among the musicians who made up the orchestra there was a certain Wolfgang Amadeus, aged 15, and his father Leopold. Although separated by more than 18 years, Mozart and Haydn are friends and the youngest sincerely admires his elder, and does not hesitate to lend him a hand by helping him copy scores or finish certain passages.

Mozart's genius was recognized throughout Europe from a very young age, his name crosses the centuries without shadow. Michael's talent is overshadowed by that of his big brother and oblivion sets in quickly after his death. It was not until the second half of the 20th century that the name of Michael Haydn timidly returned to the spotlight.
At the end of 1791, almost 20 years to the day after the creation of Michael Haydn's Requiem, Mozart set out to finish his own Requiem: a commission received anonymously a few months earlier and which he wrote in a fragmented manner, perhaps in due to his declining health. As he sketches his work, it is the memory of this striking composition that he performed in his youth that comes to mind, and we know to what extent Mozart could write from memory even after just one listening. The similarities are quite remarkable. After Wolfgang's death it was his student Susmeyer who finished the work following his master's notes.
Obviously each of these two composers strongly imprints their personal musical style: Mozart is renowned for his melodic clarity, his harmonic ingenuity and his emotional depth, while Michael Haydn has a more reserved and less flamboyant style but just as deep and moving.

These differences help make each work unique and provide listeners with a variety of musical experiences to explore and enjoy.
You certainly know Mozart's Requiem: come and listen to it again in the Chœur de Paris reading and discover that of Michael Haydn. A high‐level orchestra and very beautiful voices will serve these two masterpieces. Let yourself be carried away by this beautiful story of musical friendship, by the emotion that these two monuments provide and above all come and repair an injustice more than 200 years old!
A concert not to be missed!

Last but not the least, Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement church is worth to be visited.
Situated in the heart of the famous Marais district, not far from St Paul Cathedral,
famous Place des Vosges and Carnavalet museum, foreign visitors will be delighted to
admire famous Delacroix works.

Practical Information

Category 'Reduced': under 25 years old, students, unemployed


  • Michael Haydn – Requiem
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Requiem
Program is subject to change


Mezzo-soprano: Blandine Staskiewicz
Orchestra: Les Muses Galantes
Baritone: Jiwon Song
Choir: Le Choeur de Paris
Soprano: Julia Knecht
Tenor: Kaëlig Boché


Eglise Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement, 68 ter Rue de Turenne, Paris, France — Google Maps

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