About the Event

Experience an open air opera like never before in this astonishing performance of masterworks by Puccini at Capriva del Friuli's remarkable Castello di Spessa.

Surrounded by a magnificent Italian garden, Spessa Castle nestles elegantly on a gentle hill in the Gorizia hill country. Since its origins in the 13th century, it has been the residence of lords of the Friulian nobility for centuries.
From the 16th century onwards, famous families took turns as owners of Spessa: first the Dorimbergos, then the Rassauers and the Della Torre Valsàssina family, who remained owners of the castle for over 300 years.
Over the centuries, important personalities stayed there, among them the famous writer and adventurer Giacomo Casanova, after whom the famous prize is named that is awarded every summer at Spessa Castle.

Cast / Production

Hirofumi Yoshida Direzione Musicale
Enrico Stinchelli Regia

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