Piano concert: Bach, Liszt, Debussy, Mussorgsky

Francois Dumont © J. Berardi

There are currently no dates available for this event.

François Dumont brings the power of his sonorities and the subtlety of his playing to the service of great masters.

Brilliant modernity, beauty of Russian melodies, the Pictures of an exhibition by Mussorgsky are here close to other pieces that are musically very different but which also echo pictorial art: Debussy's Prints as well as excerpts from Liszt's Years of Pilgrimage whose sometimes diaphanous textures indisputably announce impressionism.

  • Purcell: songs and dances

    Purcell: songs and dances

    Wed, Nov 21 2018, 20:30

    Paris, Salle Gaveau

    Sales end: Nov 21 2018, 17:30

    Sales end: Nov 21 2018, 17:30

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