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Party on the Dark Side of the Moon — New Year's Eve Ball: Estonian National Opera

Tallinn, Estonian National Opera — Theatre Hall

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About the Event

Estonia National Opera invites you to a magical moonlit musical evening on the last day of the year!
Attend a concert on the dark side of the moon, which no human being has ever set foot on and which no telescope can see from Earth. The mysterious dark side of the moon will be revealed for one night only, and together we will travel into a fantastic space and meet strange creatures. The Sleepwalker Choir will perform, we will see wonderful dancing aliens and listen to the best musical masterpieces from the other side of the moon, performed by the best lunar scholars, and enjoy the indelible lunar melodies. Together we will discover the stars in the opera sky and listen to the sounds of distant galaxies.
The journey into space will lead us to dance among the stars of the Milky Way. Thousands of stars will shine above the dancers in the Estonian concert hall. You can dance the night away to the sounds of the Estonian National Opera Orchestra, Mart Sander and the Swing Swindlers. The entire theatre building is open. Space travellers can stroll along the Avenue of the Planets, dine in the best restaurant on Venus and discover and experience various musical surprises in the many corners of the building.
Your tour guides are the experienced cosmonauts Yuri and Valentina. Come and make your mark on the moon and let's send the old year into space like never before!

All bars and cafes will be open to visitors.

You can dance the night away to the sounds of the Estonian National Opera Orchestra, Mart Sander and the Swing Swindlers.

Dress Code: 'Black Tie'
Age: 16+


Menu for guest who choose one of the dinner categories:

 — Champagne and oysters as a greeting
 — Reindeer carpaccio with caramelised pistachios and cranberries marinated in spring water
 — King crab with crustacean broth and lemongrass
 — Seared bok choy with crisp sunchoke and butter and dill emulsion
 — Estonian beef entrecôte dry‐aged for 31 days, fried animal brain, and cranberry kissel with timut pepper Classic Swedish almond cake with tonka bean cream and warm apple salad
 — Suitable wines are served with the dishes.
 — Petits fours
 — Water, coffee, tea

Practical Information

The ball starts at 19.30, the doors of the Estonian National Opera will open at 18.30.

Guests can create their own itinerary from the parallel activities in the various halls of the Estonian National Opera.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable New Year's Eve and reserve your own table in the Estonia Restaurant for the whole night (18:30‐01:00). Please select the categories with '(+ Dinner)'.


Estonian National Opera, Estonian Avenue 4, Tallinn, Estonia — Google Maps

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