About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Berlin's breathtaking Konzerthaus Berlin for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of chamber music.

Old and new. Light and dark. Fantasy and logic. Reality and fairy tale. Chamber music and groove. Harp and accordion. That is OXYMORON: Anna Steinkogler and Valentin Butt.
A life without opposites, friction and blurring, in short: life IS an oxymoron, day after day. As OXYMORON, Anna Steinkogler and Valentin Butt stand with their music for the mediation and connection between precisely these extremes, which they stage and link in the here and now. With passion and elegance, they transform contradictions into magical moments. In their current programme 'Fairytale World in the Mirror', the two musicians playfully transcend boundaries. Several fairy tale worlds come together on this evening. For example, the fairy tale suite 'Mother Goose', a detailed sound painting by Maurice Ravel, as well as original compositions inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic 'Behind the Mirrors'. Two tonal languages enter into dialogue with each other as the duo opens up fresh perspectives on works from the classical period (but not only), rearranges and interprets them and juxtaposes them with their own compositions. An evening full of subtle chamber music and groove.
The repertoire includes works by Maurice Ravel, Astor Piazzolla, Bérnard Andrés and original compositions.

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