About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Berlin's Kleinen Ssaal at Konzerthaus Berlin.

The two pantomime heroes Alexander Neander and Wolfram von Bodecker are back with a special programme: for the evening in the Konzerthaus, they have put together a best‐of of their pieces in which music and concert play a role in virtuoso fashion. For great virtuosity and sheer exuberant joy in playing, which immediately affects the mood of the audience, that is what distinguishes the two exceptional artists. You can look forward to a music‐loving, quiet 'concert' for young and old.

Konzerthaus Berlin
The Konzerthaus Berlin is a concert hall situated on the Gendarmenmarkt, the most beautiful square in the city. Built in 1821, the structure initially served as a theater. Severely damaged in the Second World War, it was rebuilt as a concert hall in 1977, with a neoclassical interior, and changed its name to reflect its new function in 1994.
Consistently numbered among the top five concert halls in the world, the Konzerthaus hosts around 500 performances every year, ranging from symphony and chamber concerts featuring international stars to new music and children's concerts.

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