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Offenbach's Die Banditen (Concert version): Komische Oper Berlin

About the Event

One should steal according to one's social position — this is the quintessence of one of the not quite so well known in this country, but all the more amusing works from the pen of the man‐thinker Jacques Offenbach.

A band of robbers with a dysfunctional robber bride (gets wrapped around her finger by good‐looking robbers), policemen who bang their boots so loudly that really everyone can easily escape and princes who are simply the more professional bandits — that's the stuff of this robber pistole with lots of musical wit and a large chorus. The work was a huge success when it premiered in 1869, but the Franco‐Prussian War caused its star to fall rapidly from 1870. What a pity! Max Hopp takes it on in a concert version and proves: Offenbach is as critical as Schiller — but much funnier!

Cast / Production

Musical direction: Adrien Perruchon
Scenic design: Max Hopp
Costumes: Katrin Kath‐Bösel
Dramaturgy: Julia Jordà
Choirs: David Cavelius
Lighting: Johannes Scherfling
Baron of Campo‐Tasso: Ferdinand Keller
Duke of Mantua: Noam Heinz
Captain: Christoph Späth
Count Gloria Cassis: Ivan Turšić
Antonio: Tom Erik Lie
Adolpha of Valladolid: Julia Schaffenrath
Hofmeister: Ferhat Baday

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