• (c) Mattias Kauffmann

Noche de Tango at Gewandhaus Leipzig

Leipzig, Gewandhaus zu Leipzig — Mendelssohn Saal

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Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Leipzig's breathtaking Gewandhaus for the ultimate show set to awake your understanding of flamenco.
Tango Argentino is easy and difficult at the same time, understandable and enigmatic, modern and timeless. The tango seduces us with its yearning melodies and touches our innermost being.

Emotionally and dynamically dancing, the dancers seek to combine classical and modern elements of Argentine tango in improvisation, in the spontaneity and sincerity of movement.

The artists from Argentina, Italy and Germany perform virtuoso and atmospheric magic and show an immediate and intense expression. Authentic and very personal, they take their audience on a journey through the centuries‐old yet eternally young art of Tango Argentino.


Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, Augustusplatz 8, Leipzig, Germany — Google Maps

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